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Max A Rush Photography

Prints and Prices

About the prints

For the last few years I've been making digital prints on matt fine art paper (Hahnemuhle Photo Rag) which I prepare myself.  I begin by scanning the original film  at Photofusion exhibition printing facility, and then work on the digital file to remove dust, scratches, and make fine adjustments to the contrast and colour balance.  The latter is often quite a complicated process as translating a transparent film original to a flat print on paper is a matter of interpretation rather than a literal match - the difficulty involved in making a print which retains the same qualities as the original varies according to the image, with some considerably easier than others, but in all cases the particular tendencies of the printing technology, ink and paper are major factors.  I usually make one or more small test prints of the file before printing at full size, which again is done at Photofusion.

Test Print


Prints include a white border which I title and sign by hand with grey calligraphic lettering, although alternatively they can be window mounted in archival board.  With square images I work to existing Nielsen frame sizes where possible as these are very smart and well-made.  I can obtain other frames to order though, or pass the print on to a framer for the largest sizes.  For the square photographs, the common frame sizes are 30x30cm, 40x40, 50x50 (which I often use for exhibitions) and 70x70.  Larger prints are possible however, so please get in touch if you are interested.

Framed Print


I don't yet have the facility to take payments or order details on this website (though see below), but as images are added to the galleries, I'll be including details of whether or not they are ready to print, or if I have prints in stock.  

When you've made your choice (or if you need any advice), simply send me an email at info@maxarush.com and I'll give you the options for payment and delivery. 

Alternatively you can order online from Etsy shop which features a selection of work from my various landscape locations, so if the image you're interested in is listed there, it may be the easiest option.

Prices are the same whether or not I need to start the printing process from scratch, but the time it takes to complete the order will vary, from two to three days for images I've already printed, to up to three weeks for ones I haven't.

Finding the right price list below depends on the choice of image.  For square photographs the first one applies, for panoramic (long and thin shaped) ones the second, and for the 4:5 ratio large format photographs, the last one.  If you're not sure, please send me an email and I'll clarify the prices.  There are a few images that are different shapes from these, and I can supply details of these on request.


Fine art prints (square)

50x50cm - print size 14.5":

Mounted                       £200

Framed                         £250

40x40cm - print size 12":

Mounted                        £90

Framed                         £150

30x30cm - print size 9":

Mounted                        £75

Framed                          £95

70x70cm - POA

Mounted Square Print

Fine art prints (panoramic, 1:2 ratio)

Prices for non-window mounted prints (images printed with white border included which will extend to frame edge, mounted on plain mountboard).  For window mounted prints, please add £25 to price.  Please contact me for info on custom frames as there are a few different options.

20" wide, image width 17", mounted               £120

20" wide, image width 17", framed black alu    £160

24" wide, image width 20"  framed black alu    £240

100cm wide framed black alu                         £400

Other sizes POA

Non Window Print BP

Fine art prints (5x4 format)

Prices for images printed with white border included which will extend to frame edge, mounted on plain mountboard (smaller sizes only).  For window mounted prints, please add £25 to price. Please contact me for info on custom frames as there are a few different options.

40x50cm - image ~ 12x15"

Mounted                                                                           £180

Framed (black alu)                                                            £250

20x24" - image ~ 16x20"

Unframed (supplied in archival transparent plastic sleeve)    £350

Framed (black alu)                                                            £410

60x80cm - image ~ 19x24"

Mounted                                                                           £450

Framed (black wood, plastic glazing)                                   £480 


Other sizes POA