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Max A Rush Photography


Early May 2015

Richmond Park

RICHMOND. The great park is now the main focus of my attention whenever I get the chance to pursue my own projects, and finally I've been able to spend some time there in just the weather that I wanted. I still have a few ideas for spectacular floral scenes in the Isabella Plantation but I'm now spending more time in the open parkland, particularly concentrating on the grand views and areas where I think there's the possibility for dramatic weather phenomena. My Richmond Park gallery now contains many of this year's pictures (NB mixed in with the older ones in no particular order). The Pen Ponds sunrise at the top is from one of the most spectacular mornings I've yet seen in a London Park.

Late August 2014

New pictures of Hepworth's Divided Circle

Back in time in Dulwich Park: I've recently unearthed three never-before-seen photographs of Barbara Hepworth's Divided Circle sculpture, stolen in 2011 and never recovered.  I've also prepared new and improved scans from my original Divided Circle in Winter photograph and an autumn version of the same view which hasn't been in the gallery for a while.  My Dulwich Park gallery now features the six Divided Circle photographs, all of which are available as prints.

This is the last week to see my Beautiful Brockwell Park exhibition at Carnegie Library Gallery: open Weds, Fri and Sat only, so hope you can make it if you haven't already been.

August 2014

New Exhibition

Just announced: I'll be mounting a new exhibition of large format Brockwell Park Photographs at Carnegie Library Gallery, 188 Herne Hill Road (see poster above for details).  It will include selected images from my new Brockwell Park portfolio (2013-present) and possibly some not yet published on my website.  Many of the photographs will be shown in 20x24" prints and larger and will reveal the recently-restored walled garden in the height of summer. 

June 2014

Father's Day special - I'm a dad now to two little girls but managing to fit in moments of landscape photography when they're feeling generous. I'm still working on Brockwell Park, now slowly putting together a portfolio of new 5x4" format photographs (preview on homepage), soon to appear on this site.  

In local business, my prints are currently on display (and on sale) in the new Health Hub medical practice in Herne Hill, 282 Milkwood Road.  I also have a few Dulwich and Herne Hill prints (with more to come soon) on sale in Jane Newberry in Dulwich Village, 33 Dulwich Village.  Please keep visiting my Etsy shop as well, there will be new work available here later this month.

13th February 2014

IGPOTY again

Finalist in the 2014 International Garden Photographer of the Year awards for a photograph of Greenwich Park (Breathing Spaces category).  Exhibition opens Saturday 15th at Kew Gardens, book now available (collection seven).

Mid January 2014

Etsy Shop

I've now opened a new online shop on Etsy selling a selected range of prints and cards. The choice of work represents highlights from across my landscape projects, from Brockwell Park to mid Wales and Scotland, and for the first time customers will be able to purchase items by credit or debit card.  My prints will still be available from this website (orders by email as usual) so there's no problem if you're interested in an image that's not on Etsy.  Please have a look around in any case.

January 2014

Happy New Year

Many new Brockwell Park photographs from December now online.  Most are from a foggy day early in the month which culminated in an amazing spectacle on One Tree Hill, with the city buildings emerging from a sea of fog into clear air.

Late November 2013

Panoramic Print Offer

Stall at Rosendale School Christmas Market, Tuesday 3rd December from 7-9pm.

2014 South London Calendar available soon, due to print early December.  Please contact me my email for pre-ordering.

November 2013

Panoramic Prints

Panoramic prints now in production for many new images of Brockwell Park and Dulwich Wood.  Please contact me for details as I'll be offering the first ones at a reduced price until Christmas.  My 2014 South London Calendar is in the early stages of production, so please let me know if you'd like to pre-order one.

October 2013

New Work

I'm now up to date with film processing and have added a number of new pictures, particularly to the Brockwell Park and Dulwich Wood galleries and am frequently updating older images as I finish preparing the high quality scans. I'm also starting to print some of the new panoramic images and one or two are now ready, as indicated in the info displayed under each maximised image.  Please contact me for prices as at this early stage there's likely to be some flexibility.

Mid September 2013

Sale Extended

As many local customers have been away in August, the half price sale is now extended until early October.  The sale gallery has been updated as prints have sold, so everything listed is still available.  

In the meantime the New Brockwell Park gallery has been updated with more large format panoramas from late summer showing the last of the meadow grass before this month's hay cutting.  I'm now getting closer to making final prints of some of the new work from panoramic negatives, and the results are living up to expectations.  For more info on my new techniques, see the Technique and Prints pages.

Mid July 2013


With new exhibitions in the pipeline and new work to make room for, existing stock from exhibitions and markets is temporarily available at half price, until October. This includes remaining 50cm sq framed prints made for the Brockwell Park exhibitions, usually £250, now £125.  This may not happen again for some time, so please have a look at the Summer Sale Gallery for details of which images are available.

July 2013

IGPOTY exhibition and new work

International Garden Photographer of the Year 2013 exhibition opening at the Bankside Gallery, from the 10th-14th July, including my Brockwell Park photograph, "Walking the Dogs".

Website updated with new Elan Valley spring photographs and many other galleries added to.

June 2013

More new photographs

New panoramic photographs of Brockwell Park, and One Tree Hill online, with many more on the way. The blossom displays at  the Isabella Plantation are now past their best, but I managed to spend quite a lot of time there earlier last month and am working through the negatives now. I'm pleased with how many of them have turned out and also how well my new (old) technology is suited to this kind of landscape. The fact that I've been able to concentrate in the field answers one of my earlier questions as to the practicality of using a wooden field camera in London - apparently it's worth a glance and a "big camera" comment, but not worth stopping him for.

The galleries now include a few more refined versions of these images as I begin scanning the negatives properly.  When I've finished the backlog of image preparation I'll have many more additions for these galleries as well as Dulwich Park, other parts of Richmond Park, and the Elan Valley, Wales.

May 2013

New Brockwell Park, Crystal Palace and Richmond Park photographs

More preview images now online from a few different parks, which I'll be replacing slowly with higher quality reproductions (same size but better colour) over the next few weeks. At last I have some pictures of Richmond Park, where I'm working on the Isabella Plantaton.  So far I've had one good day there, but am still waiting for really good weather to photograph the azalea blossom.  I've also added new Brockwell Park photographs, including some of the first where I've managed to use my new techniques in really good conditions.  

Late April 2013

New Brockwell Park and Dulwich Wood photographs

I've now scanned my first 6x12 negatives from the last few weeks' work, and added them to the two galleries.  They're not quite final versions of the images, but give an idea of what they'll look like.  Please bear in mind that although I've dispayed these at quite a large size on the site, the originals are in fact twice the size of the older square photographs and considerably sharper too, so prints will show a lot more fine detail and smoother tones.

April 2013


Mid-April and spring is finally loosening winter's long-held grip. Brockwell Park is blooming with drifts of daffodils and I'm out in the wet grass trying to photograph them properly for the first time. Despite the alure of a number of other parks I'm trying to visit over the next month, Brockwell Park still has a lot to offer and my idea of a second Brockwell Park portfolio is starting to seem feasible. So much has changed since the restoration began, and with all the possibilities opened up by turning to large format, I have a whole new set of viewpoints to explore and refine.

March 2013

New website

At last, my newly refurbished website is up and running, and will be updated with new images over the next weeks.  As well as many new London park galleries, the new site features considerably larger, better quality images.  I hope this will improve your viewing enjoyment as well as making life easier if you're choosing a print.

International Garden Photographer of the Year 2013

My Brockwell Park photograph "Walking the Dogs" is a finalist in the International Garden Photographer of the Year 2013:


now on display in the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh and the National Botanic Garden, Wales.  Last year's competition in which my allotment photograph was a winner, is still on tour.