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Max A Rush Photography

The largest Royal Park is in many ways the greatest London park of all, full of unfolding vistas, wild woods and historic buildings. Richmond Park is a long term project for me and one I'm particularly enjoying for personal as well as artistic reasons. My daughters were born in the neigbouring Kingston Hospital and during their stay I spent many weeks sleeping in one of the park lodges, thanks to the Asst. Park Manager's untiring hospitality.

The first focus of my attention was the Isabella Plantation (separate gallery), which has recently undergone improvement works to increase its accessibility. I have a few unfinished ideas left to explore in this enclosure but am otherwise concentrating on my favourite areas and viewpoints throughout the year, including Pen Ponds, Pembroke Lodge and its grounds, Queen's Ride and Dark Hill.

Richmond Park has been the subject of many accomplished photographers' work but very often the focus is on the deer and wildlife. For me the landscape itself is the most exciting thing and with increasing familiarity with the park I hope to be able to reveal the wild forces of nature in ways never before seen. In my most recent photographs I explore the myriad wonders of morning fog, looking ever deeper into the first flickers of the rising sun, coloured and scattered through water and the delicate filigree of the trees.