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Max A Rush Photography


The Walled Garden, Summer Sunset. Brockwell Park, July 2022. Rush Oak Field Camera

The Walled Garden, Summer Sunset. Brockwell Park, July 2022. Rush Oak Field Camera

January 2022

Around 8 months after completing my camera design (at least the first prototype) I'm starting to think about how the first year's work will look. The camera has of course been on location in many of London's parks, including for some commissioned landscapes in Kensington and Chelsea, but recently returned from a trip to mid Wales, my main interest is in how well it's performed in the wilder outdoors. I now have a new gallery dedicated to the Radnor Forest, a little-known but quite substantial mountain range in eastern Powys. Many of the photographs are not of mountain vistas though but of woodland details and rocky waterfalls, in which the Oak camera's ability to record fine details and subtle tones has created some work I'm very pleased with. Almost too good for this website I think, whose days are definitely numbered. Its replacement will allow for larger and clearer reproductions of the images and hopefully a better experience overall.

May 2021

Weary of the ubiquity and excessive convenience of conventional digital cameras and nostalgic for the tactile and craftsmanlike quality of large format, I've designed and built my own camera. It's a wooden field camera made of oak (like the subject matter of many of my photographs) and combines large format control and image quality with the benefits of digital photography. It's slow and exacting to use and I hope it will help me make some of the most exciting images yet. It was built in some haste in order to be able to use it for this year's Isabella blossoming, and with much of the plantation flowering later in May than I've seen before, I've been able to visit a few times over the last few weeks with some good weather of different kinds. The ultra-high resolution images take a long time to prepare, but some of them are now in my Isabella Plantation gallery.

February 2021

The cold weather has been amazing this week and despite the rigours of lockdown and home school, I've poured hours of work into my immediate local area, mainly early in the mornings. There are countless new photographs of old favourites in the snow and some new discoveries too, all to be slowly sifted through over the coming months.

January 2021

I'm adding slowly to various galleries with photographs from late autumn and early winter last year, mainly Richmond Park and the Isabella Plantation while also occasionally dreaming of freedom.

December 2020

Following on from some occasional work in Richmond town, I'm embarking on a mini (so far) project on the River Thames in west London, following its interesting and often very scenic meanders. Many photographers have been here before me, but I'm discovering it for myself. I've created a new gallery here: The Thames.

Late October 2020

Quite a few new photographs from this month: Brockwell Park and Streatham Common.

Late August 2020

I've updated a few galleries with new photographs and a few older ones that never made it online: Brockwell Park, Richmond Park, One Tree Hill and the overall Portfolio page.

August 2020

You might think the world didn't need any more Brockwell Park photographs but every day is unique and the opportunities don't ever run out. Purely in the interests of my own photographic practice and an excuse to spend an evening or twenty in the most tranquil of surroundings, I'm building a new collection of images, and after so many weeks indoors the high summer has been rich in weather of stellar photographic quality. Some of the new walled garden photographs may turn out to be personal favourites in my Brockwell career. Now appearing in the large format gallery and as always available as prints should anyone be interested.

July 2020

Enjoying the outdoors again and spending some time working on local areas mainly for my own satisfaction. I've added quite a few new photographs to the Brockwell Park and Streatham Common galleries.

December 2019

London has something for everyone, but we all need to escape once in a while. New photographs of the Elan Valley from last month, and some sweeping views over the quiet rural hills of Herefordshire, with the added interest of freshly-forming fog patches, the moon, and even the planet Venus. On a clear day you can see forever, but I prefer a mist opportunity.

November 2019

Quite a few new photographs of Streatham Common now on display here.

September 2019

New photographs coming soon, mainly from Richmond Park and Streatham Common. Keep coming back as I'll be adding to the galleries over the next few weeks.

November 2018

A few new photographs of Richmond Park from this month, to be slowly added to the gallery. Don't forget, all of my new Richmond Park greetings cards are available direct from me (please send me an email at info@maxarush.com to order) with a selection also on sale in the park's visitor centre (Pembroke Lodge). Great for local Christmas cards.

Mid September 2018

Richmond Park Open Day, this Sunday, 23rd September, at Holly Lodge (park office) TW10 5HS, 11am onwards. I'll be there with a range of new prints from this summer (including many small affordable sizes) and a new range of seasonal greetings cards. Perfect for early Christmas gifts. Lots of other family activities too.

September 2018

I've just about started work on my new local favourite Streatham Common. Lots more to come from this great park in the months to come. I'm also updating my Richmond Park gallery with new work from August, featuring glories of high summer.

Mid June 2018

My Richmond Park gallery is now more or less up to date, including hitherto unpublished winter photographs and some recent spring and early summer vistas. 

June 2018

My new exhibition, Richmond Park by Max A Rush, opens this weekend at Pembroke Lodge (Richmond Park, TW10 5HX, open 9am-5.30pm). It will include some of my most spectacular photographs of the park through the seasons and among them one or two very new pictures that have already become personal favourites. These aren't on my website yet, so if you want to see them you'll have to go to the exhibition. On the other hand I have updated both the Richmond Park and Isabella Plantation galleries with new images from the last two months.

May 2018

It's Isabella season and with an exhibition in sight I've been working on possible new last-minute candidates. The plantation's looking particularly good this year and with a whole sequence of very similar clear, moderately foggy mornings I've had some good opportunities to refine ideas developed over the last few years. 

April 2018

While continuing to work on Richmond Park I've been taking a few evenings to look back at my local Brockwell Park to see if I can add anything new to my already extensive collection of photographs. These pictures continue the "large format" portfolio from a few years ago while taking advantage of new ideas and tools I've developed more recently.

March 2018

Just starting a new venture with Pembroke Lodge to put on a long-term display of my Richmond Park photographs. It will be an opportunity to make some large prints of images that haven't yet seen the light of day and which will I hope add to the experience of the many visitors to the park who only get to see one season and a small part of the landscape.

August 2017

Many misty hours spent in Richmond's summer meadows and forests, full of promise and occasional small revelations. Soon to come are my aestival explorations, uncovering new vistas, yet more wizened and contorted monuments to the oak and a nascent focus on some of the lesser known phenomena of light itself, in whose occasional glimmers lie faintly-lit paths to scientific enlightenment.

May 2017

It's Isabella time again, or at least it has been for a week or two. I may have already had as many days as I can fit in for this spring, but I'm quite happy with the photographs I've developed so far. The passage of another year reflecting on previous attempts, some concerted technical practice along with a new resolve to get there at smaller hours than ever before has led to what I hope will be the best yet. Perhaps the morning fog wasn't quite on the same level as last year but as always these days, better to be there with resolve and focus on a moderately good day than worry about missing the one "best" one. I'll add the new photographs to my gallery slowly as I get through them so a good reason to keep coming back.

March 2017

However few the winter's snows have been, it seems like it might be time to embrace the coming spring. To keep up to date with my Facebook Page however, I've now updated my Richmond Park gallery with some of the last remaining autumn and winter photographs from last year and the beginning of this one. The gallery is still not chronological though, and the new ones have ended up in the middle rather than the top or bottom. This is simply for the purpose of aesthetics, as given the chance to put images together in a set, I can't help but try and give them a considered order.

February 2017

It's been a slow start to the year with a mixture of illness and poor weather, but I'm beginning to update my Richmond Park gallery with a few wintery photographs from last month as well as more from the autumn that haven't yet seen the light of day. Although I'm still waiting for any real snow in Richmond Park, at least this year has seen some good heavy frosts, including a few almost into negative double figures, enough to freeze both Pen Ponds to the middle.

November 2016

I've now updated my Richmond Park, Isabella Plantation and Richmond Landscapes galleries with new photographs from the last two months, and will be adding more as I premiere them on my Facebook page. While I'm busy working on a commission for the Royal Parks, I'm trying to add to my personal work in Richmond whenever I can fit it in, building on the past years of study to get a little closer to the elusive vision I'm aiming for.

September 2016

More time in Richmond Park from August, although I'm still only just getting through organising the new photographs. It's not normally one of my favourite months, but some early starts and late evenings did, as always in Richmond lead to rewarding sights. Although not all yet on my website, I'm publishing a few previews on my Facebook page over the coming month.

July 2016

After a busy June and an even busier May I'm now slowly getting through processing this year's Richmond highlights and getting some of them online. As a result I've now split the Isabella Plantation pictures from the main Richmond Park gallery and given them their own separate area. This has definitely been a good year for Isabella, with one morning spent in weather I thought I might never see at this location, and many other features refined over successive years. I've also added some pictures from Pembroke Lodge gardens to the Richmond Park gallery, which I'd been hoping to work on through this year. This is another facet of the park that stands alone as a contrast to the open hills and woodland around it, and which will ultimately help to define the fuller portrayal of Richmond I'm working towards.

April 2016

At last, I've found a few good spring evenings to start working on a location I've always secretly had my eye on, Richmond Hill. This is one of London's most famous views across the Thames and one of the most attractive places to watch the passing weather on a grand scale. I've put the new Richmond Landscapes gallery in the Royal Parks section as it is really an extension of my work on the park. 

March 2016

More of Richmond Park from this month. Although I'm increasingly interested in the park's architecture and gardens (particularly Pembroke Lodge) great foggy mornings hold too many temptations in the woods and wild grassland of the great Pen Ponds basin. These are strange and beautiful landscapes of ancient, tortuous branches and undulating tussocks, silken strands of grass still rising into the foggy air after all the departing winter's storms.

February 2016

A fairly mild winter here in London so far and so as the rain lashes the dark windows I'm going back to past days of light and life, working on old favourites and discovering forgotten images that have yet to see the light of day. I'm finally getting to the bottom of my few precious spring evenings in Richmond Park's Isabella Plantation last year, when for the third year running I attempted to depict the spectacular azalea blossoms at their best. I've unearthed a few photographs that I think are the equal of those already published, and hope to have some new prints and cards in the Pembroke Lodge visitor centre soon.

November 2015

An exciting new project: Having spent the last few years undertaking commissions for the Royal Parks, I've decided to put together my own Royal Parks portfolio, across all the major parks under this umbrella: Hyde Park, The Regent's Park, Kensington Gardens, The Green Park, St James's Park, Greenwich Park, Bushy Park, Richmond Park and Brompton Cemetery. I aim to draw on previous experience photographing single locations through the seasons as well as my fairly in-depth knowledge of all the Royal Parks' individual landscapes to create a series on London's prestigious parks as never before seen. Hopefully this will eventually turn into something for a book and/or exhibition. 

As my recent Horniman Museum exhibition is now over, I've added some of the new pictures of the gardens to a new gallery.

September 2015

Mini exhibition at the Richmond Park Open Day:

Sunday 13th September 2015, from 11am-4pm

Holly Lodge, Richmond Park, TW10 5HS

First ever showing of Richmond Park landscape prints, accompanied by a new range of Richmond Park panoramic cards.

New photographs of One Tree Hill added to gallery following worthwhile muddying of boots.

Late May 2015

My latest exhibition, South London Landscapes is now on at the

Horniman Museum and Gardens, 100 London Road, Forest Hill, London, SE23 3PQ

until September 2015. It features some of my favourite locations around south London and includes the Horniman's own gardens and architecture. Free admission.

Early May 2015

RICHMOND. The great park is now the main focus of my attention whenever I get the chance to pursue my own projects, and finally I've been able to spend some time there in just the weather that I wanted. I still have a few ideas for spectacular floral scenes in the Isabella Plantation but I'm now spending more time in the open parkland, particularly concentrating on the grand views and areas where I think there's the possibility for dramatic weather phenomena. My Richmond Park gallery now contains many of this year's pictures (NB mixed in with the older ones in no particular order). The Pen Ponds sunrise at the top is from one of the most spectacular mornings I've yet seen in a London Park.

Late March 2015

SPRING SALE! With upcoming exhibitions and the possibility of moving house this year I'm offering prints of older work at HALF PRICE over the spring period. Take this opportunity to give a south London print a good home. One of each in the gallery unless otherwise indicated.

March 2015

My latest exhibition, the Dulwich Seasons is now open at Jane Newbery Gallery, 33 Dulwich Village, SE21 7BN until the 26th April (see above).  It is a collection of photographs from around the Dulwich area, from Ruskin Park in the north to Dulwich Wood in the south, and including quite a few from my favourite anonymous allotment. The prints are all displayed as bare paper suspended from clips and without any glass reflections in the way I think it's my most clearly visible show yet.

February 2015

Highly commended in the 2015 International Garden Photographer of the Year competition with another photograph from Dulwich (above), now on display in the Nash Conservatory, Kew Gardens until the 6th April and appearing in the book accompanying this year's awards.


Late September 2014

AUTUMN HALF PRICE SALE NOW ON.  Selected prints (mainly Brockwell Park) remaining from past exhibitions and events now on offer at half price.  This is to make room for new work being printed.  Please click on the thumbnails in the Sale Gallery for details of sizes and prices - in a few cases more than one size of each image is available.  Some are framed, some mounted only. Please email info@maxarush.com for further details.

My featured homepage image is one of a small set of large format photographs of Ruskin Park, Denmark Hill/Camberwell from the last few weeks.

Late August 2014

Back in time in Dulwich Park: I've recently unearthed three never-before-seen photographs of Barbara Hepworth's Divided Circle sculpture, stolen in 2011 and never recovered.  I've also prepared new and improved scans from my original Divided Circle in Winter photograph and an autumn version of the same view which hasn't been in the gallery for a while.  My Dulwich Park gallery now features the six Divided Circle photographs, all of which are available as prints.

This is the last week to see my Beautiful Brockwell Park exhibition at Carnegie Library Gallery: open Weds, Fri and Sat only, so hope you can make it if you haven't already been.

August 2014

Just announced: I'll be mounting a new exhibition of large format Brockwell Park Photographs at Carnegie Library Gallery, 188 Herne Hill Road (see poster above for details).  It will include selected images from my new Brockwell Park portfolio (2013-present) and possibly some not yet published on my website.  Many of the photographs will be shown in 20x24" prints and larger and will reveal the recently-restored walled garden in the height of summer. 

19th July 20140

One-off Herne Hill Saturday market to coincide with the Lambeth Country Show.

I'll be there with new large format prints of Brockwell Park.

10am-4pm, Railton Rd.

June 2014

Father's Day special - I'm a dad now to two little girls but managing to fit in moments of landscape photography when they're feeling generous. I'm still working on Brockwell Park, now slowly putting together a portfolio of new 5x4" format photographs (preview above), soon to appear on this site.  

In local business, my prints are currently on display (and on sale) in the new Health Hub medical practice in Herne Hill, 282 Milkwood Road.  I also have a few Dulwich and Herne Hill prints (with more to come soon) on sale in Jane Newberry in Dulwich Village, 33 Dulwich Village.  Please keep visiting my Etsy shop as well, there will be new work available here later this month.

13th February 2014

Finalist in the 2014 International Garden Photographer of the Year awards for a photograph of Greenwich Park (Breathing Spaces category).  Exhibition opens Saturday 15th at Kew Gardens.

Mid January 2014

Etsy Shop

I've now opened a new online shop on Etsy selling a selected range of prints and cards. The choice of work represents highlights from across my landscape projects, from Brockwell Park to mid Wales and Scotland, and for the first time customers will be able to purchase items by credit or debit card.  My prints will still be available from this website (orders by email as usual) so there's no problem if you're interested in an image that's not on Etsy. Please have a look around in any case.

January 2014

Happy New Year

Many new Brockwell Park photographs from December now online.  Most are from a foggy day early in the month which culminated in an amazing spectacle on One Tree Hill, with the city buildings emerging from a sea of fog into clear air.

December 2013

2014 South London Calendar now available but very limited stock.  Please contact me by email to order.

New autumn photographs of Dulwich Park now online.

November 2013

Panoramic prints now in production for many new images of Brockwell Park and Dulwich Wood. My 2014 South London Calendar is in the early stages of production, so please let me know if you'd like to pre-order one.

July 2013

International Garden Photographer of the Year 2013 exhibition opening at the Bankside Gallery, from the 10th-14th July, including my Brockwell Park photograph, "Walking the Dogs".